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and basketball. The city was part of the diocese of Valva, while a Sulmonese bishop is known from the 5th century. About 3km from the city, at the foot of Monte Morrone, are some ruins of reticulated masonry, traditionally believed to be Ovid's villa. Palazzo Annunziata and Chiesa della. Valle Peligna, a plateau once occupied by a lake that disappeared in prehistoric times. It is located in the. Relazioni personali nell'elenco di bacheca delle donne. 4 The writings of that rhetorical writer are not, however, to be taken literally, and it is more probable that Sulmo was confiscated and its lands assigned by Sulla to a body of his soldiers. Sulmona's strategic position also made it a target for air raids during World War.

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Traditionally, the beginning of the Christian age in Sulmona is set in the 3rd century. In the 16th century a flourishing paper industry was started. Much of the city was then rebuilt in the prevailing elegant Baroque style of the 18th Century. On 14 September, German troops arrived to escort the prisoners northwards, to captivity in Germany, but not before hundreds of them had escaped into the hills. A tradition alluded to by Ovid and Silius Italicus, which ascribed its foundation to Solymus, a Phrygian and one of the companions of Aeneas, is evidently a mere etymological fiction.